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A toolkit and information resource by patients for patients to help those living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

This helpful resource is brought to you by the Patient Advisory Council of ImproveCareNow.

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Supporting Each Other

Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease is hard enough. Doing it alone is even harder. The Patient Advisory Council in partnership with ImproveCareNow has created this resource for young people to be educated and empowered. By sharing ideas, tips, and resources, we become a force of knowledge against IBD. As a voice for IBD patients, PAC members contribute to research studies to improve health care innovations and develop better treatments for all of us.

Let’s rely on each other because we’re stronger together.

Being connected to a group of people that have had similar experiences to me, the PAC has really helped me find my voice and define my message.

—Natalie Beck

Connecting with patients and especially joining the PAC has allowed me to see that a diagnosis doesn’t take everything away.

—Shira Futornick

Joining the PAC and the larger ICN community has been the most significant and meaningful patient advocacy experience I have ever had.

—Maha Parakala

Being part of the PAC helps me remember that I'm not alone in this journey.

—Rhea Thakur

In the PAC, I'm actually able to use all these difficult challenges I've gone through to help other people. And I'm not just helping them, I'm helping myself.

—Becky Woolf

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